China hair factory, what is the difference of Remy hair Vs Nony Remy hair


In fact, mearly all vendors say the hair they offer is Remy hair, because customers like Remy hair.

The truth ?

Of course not, realy remy hair’s prices must be higher , due to the rare raw hair material on the market.
Non remy hair , otherwsie is popular on the market. It also devided into different quality. Some are good, some are not.

In a simple word,

Remy hair is all hair cuticle face the same direction.
Non remy hair is not.

Remy hair is higher than non remy.

Remy hair the color of hair tips are darker than root. (Please note that machine remy hair has same sign of this, dont mix )
Nonremy hair almost the same color

Remy hair is longer use after the hair is used for a longer time it shows the difference.