Cuticle hair Vs Remy human hair China factory

When it comes to different quality of human hair extensions, some customers may be a little bit of confused about

what is difference of between Cuticle or cuticel intact hair , Remy human hair and non remy human hair.

First our factory come up with Cuticle hair concept, we mean that the raw hair material we use is 100% pure hair braids
and also hair color processing method is totally diffrent from the one who use heavy chemical to treat non remy hair , or remy hair.

Our factory use a very gentle processing method, mainly under the room tempreture, so to the max we keep the cuticle intact for hair extensions.

Both of this standard consist of “Cutilce hair “, which is really really good quality, you never receive complaints with this quality from your customers.

Many other suppliers co called Cuticle hair, it is in fact the offer just remy hair( if they honestly use 100% pure hair braids, most of them are not )

Why ? because they use harsh chemical to treat the hair , even if the hair is NOT 100% same direction, the also can produce.

For cuticle intact hair extensions, if the hair is not 100% remy ( all hair face same direction ) , it tangles easily due to the intact cuticle (like a sacle of fish you can imagine) .

Now you know why choose Real cuticle intact hair extensions is a right choice.